The Eater, "Epic Last Meals in NY" is a master list that every food can appreciate.  For me, Eater has been the foremost food blog in NY and one that I often times reference for new ideas or to remember some of the great meals I've eaten.  What I like about this list specifically is that someone last epic meal doesn't necessarily have to be a 3 Michelin Starred meal...it can be as simple as a … [Read more...]


This month, The Real Deal took a closer look at this oft-repeated truism, examining the state of New York City’s real estate labor force. Data shows that during the downturn, the number of agents (technically called salespeople, agents are the lowest rung on the real estate sales ladder) fell sharply. During the same time period, however, the number of brokers — who have more experience and … [Read more...]


This years BEST OF from NYMAG proved to be a wealth of great ideas and insights from the people who know NY best.  In the essence of getting the most out of the city you live in, this is a great place to start exploring.  View this as a trail map for those who are overwhelmed with the plethora of option, on every block, in every neighborhood.  We all have our opinions and favorites and that's the … [Read more...]


Built in 1897 as a sewing factory, 568 Broadway has become a microcosm of New York's burgeoning startup scene, where young entrepreneurs are hiring young engineers, salespeople and creative staffers as fast as they can. The Prince Building (it overlooks the street of the same name) also demonstrates how one of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods continues to reinvent itself—and draw talented … [Read more...]


While New York’s new development condo market is improving, most developers are not quite ready to bring sexy back. That’s because, unlike boom-time buyers, those in the market for new development units today are more concerned about functionality than flashy amenities...FULL ARTICLE. … [Read more...]


New York and London are still on top of the list for the uber wealthy to deploy their money.  While there is excitement over growth economies and emerging marketplaces, and fears of a Western decline, the super-rich still want to park their money in these two “old world” metropolises.  Both cities have experienced record setting price point over the past year and two trophy buildings have changed … [Read more...]


  Torrisi is a special place. One-of-a-kind. Authentic Italian food. Originally a sandwich joint, Torrisi now focuses on serving a delicious prefixe dinner menu. The off-shoot restaurant, Parm, now serves the lunch/sandwich menu that Torrisi was made famous for (they're conveniently located right next door to one another.) Back to Torrisi. They serve a different menu every night, with … [Read more...]

8th Street Wine Cellar

This inviting, unpretentious wine bar is a welcome retreat off of a busy Greenwich Village street. Located below street level, the ambiance of 8th Street Wine Cellar is warm and cozy. This wine bar not only serves a stellar affordable wine selection, but also a delicious menu of shareable small plates. I personally recommend the bacon and figs - delicious. Source: 8thStWineCellar.com … [Read more...]


Part game, part theater, part tour. Accomplice is a hard-to-describe experience that's designed for groups. There are two Accomplice tours in NYC: Downtown and The Village (as well as in London and Hollywood). While strolling around the different neighborhoods, you received clues brought to you by actors, that help you solve a mystery. You'll be brought into different neighborhood establishments, … [Read more...]

Mari Vanna

Mari Vanna is the real deal. With locations already  in Moscow and St. Petersberg, this Flatiron outpost was opened about three years ago. The menu offers time honored Russian classics, and the traditional interiors are beautifully authentic. KEY MONDAYS are brand new. From now on every Monday after 9pm in order to get in to Mari Vanna you need to open the door with your own Mari Vanna key. … [Read more...]

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