At the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, the developers are gambling that wealthy New Yorkers will pay dearly for a trophy apartment with sweeping views—even if it is only on loan. In the next six to eight weeks, the three penthouses at New York by Gehry, a Manhattan rental tower twisting 76 stories into the sky, will hit the market at a price that would make most … [Read more...]


The Eater, "Epic Last Meals in NY" is a master list that every food can appreciate.  For me, Eater has been the foremost food blog in NY and one that I often times reference for new ideas or to remember some of the great meals I've eaten.  What I like about this list specifically is that someone last epic meal doesn't necessarily have to be a 3 Michelin Starred can be as simple as a … [Read more...]


This years BEST OF from NYMAG proved to be a wealth of great ideas and insights from the people who know NY best.  In the essence of getting the most out of the city you live in, this is a great place to start exploring.  View this as a trail map for those who are overwhelmed with the plethora of option, on every block, in every neighborhood.  We all have our opinions and favorites and that's the … [Read more...]


Part game, part theater, part tour. Accomplice is a hard-to-describe experience that's designed for groups. There are two Accomplice tours in NYC: Downtown and The Village (as well as in London and Hollywood). While strolling around the different neighborhoods, you received clues brought to you by actors, that help you solve a mystery. You'll be brought into different neighborhood establishments, … [Read more...]

NYC Secret Bar Guide

With the recent openings of J Bird and Bathtub Gin, the secret bar scene is hotter than ever in NYC. These hidden gems aim to attract the in-the-know crowd with top-notch cocktails and elusive locations. Zagat has named their Top 11 Hidden Watering Holes, including some unheard of joints, along with the more well-known options like Little Branch and The Back Room. Source: … [Read more...]

Hudson River’s Coolest, Oldest Floating Home

A creative couple has retrofitted an old Ellis Island Ferry as their very own floating home. Do yourself a favor, and take a look at the photos (found on the link below) to get a real sense of the magic this couple has created on this historic ship.  Some background on the 1907 Yankee Ferry, the last of the Ellis Island fleet: "The 1907 Yankee Ferry was affixed with guns and canons and was first … [Read more...]

Own Your Own Private Island

The remoteness of owning one's own island is attracting a rarefied group of wealthy entertainers and name-brand CEOs, who are purchasing these private get-a-ways. In the world of high-end real estate, privacy is an increasingly prized amenity, and it doesn't get more private than this. Source: WSJ … [Read more...]

Vacation Homes: Why It May Be Time to Buy

The clouds hanging over upscale vacation-home markets are starting to lift. While prices are still falling in most regions, the luxury segment is picking up, and brokers are reporting more inquiries than they have had in years. The upshot: If you have the money and plan on staying put for the long term, now may be a good time to buy. Source: WSJ … [Read more...]

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